#Impact BySupporting

For those who have little time but still would still like to help restore crowns. Three options that also can be combined nicely:


Chose which of the selected regional sponsorship for social institutions and initiatives you’d like to support with your donation


(coming soon) Subsidize with a membership fee sponsorships and the creation of new all HeadsHigh! cooperations

SocialShopping Statement

By purchasing products and services that carry the HeadsHigh! Diamond you:

  1. treat yourself
  2. provide targeted financial support for small regional businesses, workshops and social facilities
  3. potentially enable the creation of empowering workplaces
  4. support defined social donation sponsorships with 10% of the profits


  • ‘Free&Fabulous‘ handbags & clutches are on sale at Starnberg leather tailor Alexandra Neger
  • HeadsHigh! Online shop coming in August 2020

No matter what you choose: become part of the HeadsHigh! Community and have #ImpactByDecision. We look forward to meeting you!!