Calendar 2021

Our second cooperation: Giving smiles, supporting local workshops and saying thanks to the people who stand up to Corona every day for all of us

A postcard calendar with a decorative card stand made of beech wood produced in Bavaria

We cannot defeat Corona with a smile, but we can give a smile to the people who defy Corona. Are you with us?


After the model of the ingenious #wecomebackstronger initiative: With the #SlippedCrownsAreBeautiful postcard calendar produced in Bavaria we:

  1. support regional workshops with orders
  2. buy with 3,50 Euro per calendar vouchers at local stores, restaurants and artists to enhance business despite the lockdown
  3. say thank you with these vouchers to people that stand up to Corona every day for all of us: hospital and nursing staff, childcare facilities and co


A calendar with 13 humorous postcards illustrating slipped crowns and how to laugh anyway – in English and German.

In addition, a decorative beech wood postcard stand for the desk, sideboard or kitchen shelf

At the end of the month: simply tear off the calendar part at the perforation and make someone else happy with the postcard


For our card holders made out of beech wood: KATINGA  based in Rain in Bavaria

For our sustainably printed potscards: NORA Druck und Verlag GmbH in Reisting in the Bavarian 5-lake-area

NORA Druck udn Verlag GmbH is a 42-year-old family business that is one of the most environmentally friendly, sustainable print shops in the region and based on our own experience while also one of the most customer-friendly and patient businesses ūüėČ with exceptionally good advice and service

What we like on top about them:

  • by means of a highly efficient photovoltaic system, they add more than 70% of their electricity requirements to the energy cycle
  • they heat free of fossil fuels with the waste heat from the printing presses and an air heat pump
  • their process water is also drawn from their own rainwater cistern
  • printing is done exclusively with vegetable oil-based inks that do not contain any mineral oil

KATINGA is an online store that originally specialized in the wedding sector, but now also offers personalized products for other private celebrations and occasions, such as communion, Mother’s Day and Christmas. KATINGA develops its high-quality branded products itself – such as the card holder, which is perfect for our HeadsHigh! calendar sheets.

As family celebrations have been massively reduced in 2020 due to the pandemic, we at HEADSHIGH! think KATINGA should be supported – as many other companies that specialize in weddings and celebrations.


  • in our HeadsHigh! online–shop
  • in selected stores in the 5-Seen-Land:
    • Il Castello, Andechser Str. 46, 82319 Starnberg
    • Griechische Taverna, Bahnhofsplatz 12. 82319¬†Starnberg
    • Al Gallo Nero, Bahnhofpl. 6, 82319 Starnberg
    • Azzurro Ital. Caf√© ¬∑ Shop, Admiral-Hipper-Stra√üe 17,¬†82362 Weilheim
    • Alge Unverpackt / Einzelhandel und Bistro, Admiral-Hipper-Stra√üe 7,¬†82362 Weilheim
    • Metzgerei Klobeck, Leprosenweg 22,¬†82362 Weilheim
    • Wohnen und Sparen, M√ľnchener Str. 67A,¬† 82362 Weilheim¬†


  • We are looking for stores & institutions that support us in selling the postcard stores
  • We are always happy to hear about your personal Corona everyday heroes
  • We are looking for calendar cooperation partners who would like to support their region by having the HeadsHigh! calendar and the wooden card stands produced and sold in their region and organize the distribution of the thank you vouchers in their area

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