A hymn for change

Have you read the news the last weeks and months? It’s time to take responsibility, to speak up and to take action. 🎯
No matter how small our single actions might seem, they will add up. Promised!
Just the way they will ad up if we stay quiet and passive and leave the change in the wrong hands.

Why I send this message out on a Friday evening? Because I read the news, and it worries me. Because I listen to people in subways, trains and public places and it frightens me. Because I just listened to a music video that really touched my heart and I hope it will touch many more hearts and cause many more people to take action:

‚Man in Black‘, a beautiful hymn, written by Johnny Cash, composed by the wonderful Andy Allo, recorded and produced by Daniel Jimenez Afanador in a music-video directed by Charles Michael Davis and edited by Buddy Wyrick

‘Man in Black’. Just take 5 minutes, watch and listen.And of course I would be very happy to hear your thoughts..

And if you want to know about how I and some other people try to take action, follow us, support us or anyone else who tries to make a difference

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