We are live!


We are super happy and proud that we are now going ‘live’ with our webpage.

Stephanie & Romy


The perfect moment to say thank you to all the people who supported us:

  • Dieter Mändle, who tirelessly jumped to our side with an encouraging “No worries, you two can learn this as well” and helped with the design and programming of the website.
  • Alexandra Neger, who jumped with us into the cold, turbulent water and was part of our team stirring the first HeadsHigh! cooperation to solid ground
  • Alexandra Malangre, who was always there with an open ear and precise questions and who even nudge our crown into the right direction when it started to slide.
  • Claire Nizeyimana, who helped Stephanie to destilate the essence of HeadsHigh! and to step into our color scheme
  • and of course our husbands and children without whose understanding and patience we could never have started this project alongside work and everyday family-life.

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